Hair curlers: types and rules of use

Women's inconstancy is such that owners of straight hair often dream of curly curls, and those who have lush curly hair often aspire to them. Also consider Bubble Curling Wand

Indeed, alternating styling on straight hair with a hairstyle based on the creation of curls, you can safely claim individuality and originality. In addition, the creation of curls allows you to"tame" unruly lush hair, which usually sticks out in different directions.

But when creating such a hairdressing masterpiece, the beautiful half of humanity faces certain difficulties:

styling takes a lot of time;

it is quite difficult to independently create uniform curls all over the head.

In this connection, the beautiful half of humanity leading an active lifestyle, not having enough time for styling, resorts to the help of a perm. Then the question arises: which curlers to choose?


The choice of curlers or the so-called perm bobbins in the hairdressing environment depends on the desired end result.

If you want to get small curls, then the curlers should be of a small diameter. And, accordingly, large curlers will give large curls,which are especially popular with women today (small curls were in vogue in the70s and 80s of the XX century).

It should also be noted that in many respects the choice of bobbins depends on the condition and structure of the hair. For example, for owners of hard hair, it is better to use curlers of a larger diameter, on which it is preferable to wind small strands of hair, otherwise the curls, due to the severity, will be poorly curled and quickly disintegrate.

It is better to wind soft fluffy hair on medium-sized curlers, which, as a rule, allows you to neatly arrange curls sticking out indifferent directions.

As for the length of the hair, one rule works here: it is preferable to use the entire length of the bobbin. That is, for short hair we choose short curlers, and for long hair - elements of the maximum length. The fact is that curlers, designed for curling short hair, taper towards the middle and expand at the edges. This shape avoids the tips sticking out in different directions. The shape of the curlers for long hair is the same, which contributes to the creation of uniform curls.

It should be noted that relatively recently there has appeared such a concept as an American perm, characterized by uniform and deep curls. To create such a hairstyle, spiral-shaped bobbins are used.

Types and characteristics

In fact, the bobbin variety is not limited only to length or diameter. Devices for curling and also differ in type, material of manufacture,as well as the method of fixation. As for the material, the curlers are wooden,metal (which are extremely undesirable to use for perm), rubber, less often plastic and foam.

It is worth noting that professionals prefer wooden curlers.Firstly, the hair on them dries faster, and, secondly, when using them, the likelihood of any oxidative processes that do not have a very favorable effect on the hair structure is completely excluded.